River Madness


The focus for the blog today takes a slightly different turn from my normal ramblings about rivers, hatches and Steelhead and back out onto the salt water for a look at the technique of “Bucktailing” for Coho salmon off the western shores of Vancouver Island. Bucktailing, the process of dragging large tandem hooked flies at high speed behind your motor boat, has been a method of fishing for many varieties of fish… Read More

Tall mountains, clear rivers, and hot weather made for an incredible time away….

At 46 years old, you might think that I’m mature. Or at least heading in that direction..right? I mean, after all, I’m past the age of feeling invincible and doing stupid things that can get me hurt. At my ripe old age I’m supposed to be all “hey careful you don’t take your eye out!”, and “slow down people, this ain’t the mainland!” My stepsons will vouch that I am always on… Read More