River Madness


Back in the late part of the summer of 2016, I was introduced to my next door neighbours son in-law Mark Shannon, visiting from Calgary,who had been admiring my ocean boat from across the yard. After a quick conversation in the late day on a beauty of a summers evening, I soon found out that like myself, Mark had been bitten by the fishing bug and it wasn’t long before we quickly… Read More

Well here we are again..it’s the fall (my personal favourite), the weather is changing, fish are making their move from ocean to river, and that means that a fishing trip must be in the books! Those of you who’ve read past posts will know how my stories normally begin. A phone call is received, followed by more calls, searches on Google Earth, selection of a site, confirmation of time off at work,… Read More

The focus for the blog today takes a slightly different turn from my normal ramblings about rivers, hatches and Steelhead and back out onto the salt water for a look at the technique of “Bucktailing” for Coho salmon off the western shores of Vancouver Island. Bucktailing, the process of dragging large tandem hooked flies at high speed behind your motor boat, has been a method of fishing for many varieties of fish… Read More