About my blog….

Cowichan Feb 25 010-6

So, what the heck is a blog anyway? As an over 50 something guy with a wife and two step kids, a blog seems kind of crazy, but it sure is a fun way to get some creative energy out. The stories on this blog are meant to inspire, intrigue, and motivate you to get out there and experience the great outdoors around you with all of your senses. There’s also going to be some humour in here, so I hope you get a chuckle or two. It is my hope that by reading these posts, you free yourself from the confines of your desk, home or office, and escape for just a few minutes of guilty pleasure. So sit back, relax…and enjoy!

~ Adrian

2 Comments on “About my blog….

  1. Hey Adrian
    Christian here from the big island in Hawaii. Love your story and I will very soon do the same move in my career. I want you to come to the big island and fish with us for a week, you can stay with us and every day we will go for tunas, Mahi’s and ono’s from dawn t’ill dusk. Contact us via email


    • Man that would be awesome bud, I don’t think I have your email! I would totally come for that! And of course photograph and write about it too!


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