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Monthly Archives: November 2015

At 46 years old, you might think that I’m mature. Or at least heading in that direction..right? I mean, after all, I’m past the age of feeling invincible and doing stupid things that can get me hurt. At my ripe old age I’m supposed to be all “hey careful you don’t take your eye out!”, and “slow down people, this ain’t the mainland!” My stepsons will vouch that I am always on… Read More

It’s Saturday, October 2009, the 11th to be precise, and I am about to embark on an adventure to a new river system on Vancouver Island that I have yet to explore and as usual I am psyched. 2009 was a tough year for me, having recently lost my full time job in September and ending a two year relationship just a few months prior to that. A lot of changes in… Read More

I could hardly believe my eyes, it just seemed so unfair! I had fished that run hard for two hours before he came, only to have his girlfriend catch my fish!